Book A Photo Shoot

Complete the following steps to book a photo shoot.

Step 1: Contact Womack Photography to find out if your photo shoot date(s) is available.

Step 2: Put down your 50% Deposit, which is due upon booking your photo shoot date(s).

50% Deposit Due Upfront

Step 3: Pay the 50% Balance due, before receiving images from Womack Photography.

50% Balance Due Upon Receipt

Step 4 (if required): If your photo shoot is outside of Las Vegas, NV, travel expenses will need to be added to the photo shoot cost. This includes a round-trip airline ticket, hotel room if necessary, and a meal per diem of $65 per day.

You can enter the total travel expenses (Airline, Hotel, and Meal Per Diem) in the box below and click Buy Now. Since travel expenses can vary, there isn’t a drop-down list provided like in the previous steps.

Total Travel Expenses

Thank you for considering Womack Photography for your photography needs.