Terrestrial Radio Vs AllTalkRadio.net – 3-11-14

On today’s show, George Carson and I talked about why someone should host their OWN radio show on AllTalkRadio.net Vs Terrestrial Radio.

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Many people are naturally ingrained to think that “terrestrial” (over the air, AM & FM) radio is the way they should go. The problem is, terrestrial radio doesn’t give you, the host, the opportunity to get your word out exactly how you want it.

Terrestrial radio requires the host to do what the radio station wants them to do. The host’s speech is limited, their topics are limited, and their time is limited. So, should the host want to speak about their brand, their personality, or anything else, the host does not have the freedom to do that. Why? Because the host is not paying for their time slot, someone else is… the radio station.

Now that we covered freedom of speech or lack thereof on terrestrial radio, let’s cover how you might make money from YOUR radio show. If you’re on terrestrial radio, any ad revenue made on your show goes to the station. Why? Because the station is paying for all the costs of running the station. Everything from the building, the electric, bandwidth, to the secretary that greets you when you come in is covered by those stations.

In any business, you either get paid to be there (which is typically half your value), aren’t paid at all (meaning you’re paid in some sort of trade, but not money), or you pay to be there (money comes out of your pocket for the opportunity to make money).

This brings us back to Why Have a Show on AllTalkRadio.net? When you pay for your OWN show, you control what goes on the show. You are the conductor directing the way your show is presented. Imagine it’s like an Infomercial. You can sell yourself as a personality, sell a widget that someone can by online, sell a service that people need, etc. The list goes on forever on how YOU or your business can succeed by having your own Internet Radio Show. I hope this has cleared things up a bit.