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On today’s show, Teri Palochak of Get Fit With Teri and I talked about what it’s like to work in the medical field, as well as staying fit over 30, while working 12 hours a day.

Teri shows us that it can be done, folks. No excuses.

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Teri Palochak & Jeremy Womack
Teri Palochak & Jeremy Womack

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About Teri Palochak

Teri Palochak has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. After many disappointing events throughout Teri’s life, that put her in a spiral of stressful type situations, she decided to focus on herself and making sure that SHE is healthy and happy. Teri has an 11-year-old son. Although he comes first, she wants to make sure that she is a close second as far as priorities go.

Teri and I hope to cover a lot of topics on the show. Many of these topics should help anyone break free from the things that hold them back from accomplishing their goals.