Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion & Legacy X – Show Guest Profile

The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X. Justin Spencer is the founder and creator of the Las Vegas headline show, Recycled Percussion and the life-changing movement, Legacy X.

Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion & Legacy X
Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion & Legacy X

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About Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion

Justin Spencer grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. At a young age, he identified his dream of becoming a performer. Through hard work, dedication, and determination to never give up he was able to make this dream a reality. Justin Spencer incorporates drumming and an active lifestyle into Recycled Percussion’s shows which can be seen nightly at The Quad Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Over the last five years, Justin Spencer has developed the Legacy X program. Justin used the approach of an anti-substance, pro-fitness, branding based, and goal setting lifestyle in order to help others reach their dreams and conquer their goals.

Legacy X is driven by Justin’s passion to educate and lead people to live their life to the fullest while creating their own LEGACY.

On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Legacy X will take a monumental stand against negativity by building the world’s largest anti-bullying sign with the first-ever Bully X event in the Nevada desert at the Dry Lake Bed in Jean, Nevada. Designed to spread the message of the power of words, Bully X transcends all ages, races, geographical boundaries and gender. Bully X will be a day consisting of messages of inspiration, entertainment and the unveiling of the world’s largest red “X” which will become a symbol of hope against bullying throughout the world.

“Bully X is truly a national event that happens to take place in the desert of Las Vegas,” said Justin Spencer, founder of Legacy X and Recycled Percussion. “The magnitude of Bully X makes the desert one of the few spaces that could realistically hold such an event, but we are excited that we are gaining support from coast-to-coast on every level.”

What is Legacy X? Let Justin Spencer explain it to you below.

To learn more about Recycled Percussion, visit the website www.recycledpercussionband.com.