Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner – Show Guest Profile

The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner. Glynda Rhodes was inspired by the idea while going through her own divorce. She often said, “If I can make it through this I deserve a party”.

Mari-Rene had returned to Las Vegas while going through her divorce. They put the idea into action and Glynda threw the 1st Party for Mari-Rene. Seeing the transformation of how one night could change your entire outlook, Glynda knew she created something special. They decided to form a partnership in 2013 and together they bring over 40 years of event planning to the company.

Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner
Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner

If you missed the show, check out the archive of Glynda Rhodes and Mari Rene’s interview.

About Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner

The Divorce Party Planner provides the ultimate experience for celebrating YOU! They offer personalized events for all budgets to kick off the next chapter in your new Single Life. One door may have closed, but it doesn’t mean you are left without a path to follow. Take the time to grieve and when you are ready we will plan and execute the most fun you could ever imagine. Letting go isn’t the end of you, it’s the beginning of a new LIFE. They don’t encourage anything that will cause regrets. But they do plan on bringing out the BEST in you.

When the Divorce Party Planner was formed, Divorce had a stigma and was still a taboo subject. Understanding that events in Las Vegas are always evolving a lot of companies will promise you anything and everything. After they received a lot of media attention most every event planner, club promoter, and the host started offering some form of a Divorce Night out. None of them bring our passion and dedication to making this a night about you. Divorce Party Planner is the exception of having BOTH been through this life-changing ordeal, they understand and take you on this journey together. They align themselves with the top industry professionals to make this your 2nd night to remember. Glynda Rhodes has the vision and creativity to make this an amazing night and Mari-Rene brings her balance and business sense to keep you in the budget.

You can learn more about Divorce Party Planner on their website.