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On today’s show, Glynda Rhodes and Mari Rene of The Divorce Party Planner and I talked about what it’s like to go through a divorce, why one should celebrate their new beginning, and how to do it in style.

Mari and Glynda are awesome party planners. You should definitely check them out.

Make sure to check out the Show 29 video archive below.

Mari Rene, Glynda Rhodes, & Jeremy Womack
Mari Rene, Glynda Rhodes, & Jeremy Womack

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About Glynda Rhodes of Divorce Party Planner

The Divorce Party Planner provides the ultimate experience for celebrating YOU! They offer personalized events for all budgets to kick off the next chapter in your new Single Life. One door may have closed, but it doesn’t mean you are left without a path to follow. Take the time to grieve and when you are ready we will plan and execute the most fun you could ever imagine. Letting go isn’t the end of you, it’s the beginning of a new LIFE. They don’t encourage anything that will cause regrets. But they do plan on bringing out the BEST in you.