Brian Brown of Brian Brown Photography – Show Guest Profile

The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes Brian Brown of Brian Brown Photography. Brian doesn’t consider himself a fashion photographer, but more of a commercial advertising photographer with a specialty in conceptualization. His passion revolves around taking pictures that tell a story and have a clear idea that helps to make a point.

Brian Brown
Brian Brown

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Brian Brown loves bright vibrant colors, crazy sets, and detailed costumes. He finds himself leaning more towards photographing actors rather than models lately. See the gallery below to see examples of his photography.

About Brian Brown

The things we see, Brian sees a little differently. His mind’s eye adds color and humor and fantasy so that the images he captures with his trusty lens at once reflect the ordinary and the not ordinary, the real and the surreal. His images wink at us and invite us to wink back. This surreal bent is a natural fit for a Las Vegas native.

Though he spent much of his formative years traveling and living in Europe with his military family, he eventually settled in Sin City, where the juxtaposition of sparkling kitsch and stark desert often serves as his muse. Much of his conceptual portraiture offers up a skewed yet funny take on the world as if he were still a little boy letting us in on a joke. His keen eye and ironic surrealism have landed Brown an array of prestigious clients since opening his studio six years ago.

He’s snapped conceptual images for MGM Grand, Maxim, Vegas Magazine, the National Finals Rodeo, Cathouse, Tabu and Studio 54 to name a few. He’s a highly collaborative shooter who appreciates that his success was built with the support of a dedicated crew, trusting clients, and network of family friends—all of whom are more than willing to step through Brown’s lens like Alice’s looking glass and get a glimpse of his colorful world.