April Fried of AtomicAprils GLAM Studio – Show Guest Profile

The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes April Fried of AtomicAprils GLAM Studio. April Fried is a hair design stylist, she sits on the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology and is an awesome radio show host.

April Fried
April Fried

If you missed the show, check out the archive of April Fried’s interview.

About April Fried

April Fried prides herself on creating a real professional experience for her clients based on Professional Recommendation. She personally takes the time to really find out “what works” for the lifestyle and budget of each and every client.

Along with her native Southern California graduate studies in cosmetology arts and sciences, April Fried attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing. She has had multiple cosmetology licenses in California, Florida, and Nevada. In April of 2012, she was appointed by the Governor of Nevada to sit on the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology.

April quickly became not only the go‐to‐hair design stylist in every town she conquered but appeared as America On-Line’s anchor for “Around Town” on the CBS, network affiliate in Washington, D.C.,

In 2004, April Fried took over the reins of her family-owned professional beauty supply corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2006, April introduced a hair tinsel to the world with her industry launch of POPTINSEL. Today the hair tinsel designs are worn by celebrities, both national and international, including The Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, The Trump International Miss Universe Competition, Vogue Italia, BBC – UK Network, M6
TV – French Network and most recently Australia’s hottest runways.

In 2009, April introduced her talents to the world of celebrity swag rooms with appearances for the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and the Motion Picture Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars).

In 2011, April opened the Las Vegas-based ATOMIC APRIL’s ” GLAM ” SALON:…Your Ultimate Beauty Playground. Since its inauguration, “GLAM” has become a global beauty destination for celebrities and tourists alike.

In May 2012, April has exclusively private and by appointment only. Education, Editorial Work and many exciting endeavors worldwide.

April feels fortunate to have so many wonderful colleagues in the beauty industry as well as so many amazing clients. The opportunities continue to be limitless as she enters into the celebrity world of the red carpet. She currently stretches her talents to encompass the arenas of professional education and social networking: ever mindful to focus on perfecting her artistic craft ‐ respecting the business of beauty of the profession of glamour.

“I come from a background filled with people of strong, tenacious character. Knowing this allows me to prefer the freelance world of celebrity and fashion. I love the personal connection, designing hair and styling for TV and film is very technical and focuses on the continuity factors ‐ it can be both repetitive and intimate. When I am not caught up in the daily operations of my own salon I am constantly working with new teams, on different projects; this is extremely collaborative and creative, allowing me an incredible degree of artistic expression.” – April Fried

April Fried’s style philosophy is defined by chic and timeless sensibility with a modern risk-taking edge.

To learn more about April Fried of AtomicAprils GLAM Studio, visit her website wwww.atomicaprilsglam.com.