AllTalkRadio Direction – 2-18-14

On today’s show, George and I talked about a myriad of things. We discussed the open letter the maker of Candy Swipe published about Candy Crush stealing his game concept, Vanilla Ice doing a commercial for the upcoming TMNT movie, as well as George meeting Gary Coleman and his experience.

Make sure to check out the Show 2 video archive below.

We also discussed the upcoming direction of Part of the reason I came back to AllTalkRadio to do my show, was because of this new direction. I liked how George saw the way media was going and I think he liked a lot of the ideas that I brought to the table.

The cool thing about George and I is that we have a lot of similar ideas. We also have the ability to introduce new concepts to each other, which will help the station grow even more. I look forward to all of you being able to see the cool new things on the horizon.

We were testing out the sound. My apologies if it sounds funny. The kinks have been worked out. The sound will be much better in future shows.

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