Aaron Christensen of Magnifico Champagne – Show Guest Profile

The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes Aaron Christensen of Magnifico Champagne. Aaron Christensen is a Las Vegas Host turned Restaurateur and Nightclub consultant. After 8 years in Las Vegas as a Nightclub Host and Marketing Director, Aaron moved West to consult for a couple of Las Vegas-inspired Nightclubs in Orange County and Los Angeles. He ended up creating an entire VIP bottle service program.

Aaron Christensen
Aaron Christensen

If you missed the show, check out the archive of Aaron Christensen’s interview.

About Aaron Christensen

As a Nightclub Consultant Aaron Christensen was approached, almost on the daily, to endorse and help launch several spirits, beers, wines, and Champagnes. Aaron has only put his name on 3 products during his 20 plus years in the industry. The one he is truly most passionate about is Magnifico Champagne.

Consulting for nightclubs in Southern California afforded Aaron the opportunity to pursue his passion for cooking. So, in 2010, he started what has become very successful private gourmet food trucks and catering called Yo Mama Caters. Learn more on their website, YoMamaCaters.com.

Aaron Christensen of Yo Mama's Midnight Muncheez
Aaron Christensen of Yo Mama’s Midnight Muncheez

Only a few months ago, Aaron purchased his first “Brick & Mortar” location in Costa Mesa, along with Midnight Muncheez. Midnight Mucheez is a unique, Late night, food, wine, beer, and retail delivery business that has been around for about 5 years now. Learn more on their website, MidnightMuncheez.com.

Aaron has a lot going on, as you can see. Currently, he’s in Las Vegas to promote Magnifico Champagne at the Nightclub and Bar show, as well as shop for locations to put a Midnight Muncheez in Las Vegas. With him will be his “entourage” of Joey Francia (My Managing Partner Yo Mama’s Catering), close friend and celebrity spokesman for Magnifico Ricky J (RickyJ.com, Twitter @OfficialRickyJ), and Rebecca Adalco (Sales Director for Diamond Brands the Importer of Magnifico Champagne).

You can learn more about Magnifico Champagne on its website, www.bemagnifico.com.

Aaron Christensen of Magnifico Champagne
Aaron Christensen of Magnifico Champagne