Jeremy Womack’s Daily Vlogs

Did you know that I do a “daily” vlog? It’s true. I say “daily”, because I try to make sure it’s daily, but sometimes here and there I miss a day. But, for the most part, there’s something posted every day.

The video below is the most recent vlog. Should you wish to watch past vlog’s, simply click on the three white bars in the upper left hand corner of the video, which will bring up the playlist. From there, you can scroll down to choose the video you wish to watch, then click on that video.

My vlogs vary in length, depending on what I might be doing that day. For instance, if I’m at Disneyland, it might be a longer vlog, maybe even 30 min. Or, somethings it’s something short and quick, like 10 min. At any rate, I hope you enjoy them.

To get started, click play on the video below.