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On today’s show, Gideon Walker of The Entrepreneur Dads and I talked about what it’s like for dads who want to leave their day job and become an entrepreneur.

The struggle of wanting to make sure your family is taken care of while wanting to pursue your dream is real. The Entrepreneur Dads are there to help dads reach their goals, using some pretty unique techniques.

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Gideon Walker & Jeremy Womack
Gideon Walker & Jeremy Womack

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About Gideon Walker

Gideon Walker is the co-founder of The Entrepreneur Dads, a site for entrepreneur dads to learn about building a business while being a stay at home dad (as well as how to be productive and stay sane while raising children). It’s 2 dads working from home who share their business experiences, life lessons, and working from a home office while raising kids.

Gideon is also the founder of They help 6-figure employee’s who are looking for a job, land interviews using direct mail. Example: They used direct mail to get the attention of a marketing director to respond within 7 minutes of receiving their letter. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to get that kind of response when sending out letters to places you want to work.

He has also recently created an info-product around copywriting for newbies and how to get your first 3 paying clients. Hopefully, he’ll have some results to share on the show.