Please contact me using the following methods; via phone, email, and/or snail mail. You can also find me on social media (my social media links).  Currently I’m located in Las Vegas, but he can travel anywhere in the world if necessary.

Examples of reasons to contact me:

  1. You have a story or stories you think would be perfect for the readers of and you want them to hear about it. Please use the contact form below.
  2. You have a job (event host, MC, etc.) that you want to hire me for and you think I’m the best person for the job.  Please use the contact form below.
  3. You want to send me an invitation to your VIP party, show preview, restaurant and/or hotel opening, media event, movie premiere, etc..  Please use the contact form or PO Box address below.
  4. You have a product or service you would like me to try out so that I can review it for the readers.  Please use the PO Box address below.
  5. You wish to set up travel plans for me to visit your city to review your business for or any of the city sites.  Please use the contact form below.
  6. You’re interested in having me photograph your up coming event.  You can find who I’ve worked with on my client list here. To work with me, please use the contact form below.
  7. You wish to advertise directly on and would like to know the advertising costs for graphic ads, text links, and/or keyword and phase links.  Please visit the advertising page, then the contact form below.

Via Phone: 702-524-0456 – Texting is best. Call if you must. Don’t forget to leave a message.

Via Snail Mail: Jeremy Womack or Womack Photography – PO Box 60931 – Las Vegas, NV 89160

Via Email: